All Farmers Association of Nigeria - Kano Chapter

  • Our Mission

    To enhance the skills of farmers and other stakeholders through modern technology and agri-business approach focused on wealth and job creation.

  • Leadership

    As a National organization, AFAN is led by a national president assisted by a National Executive Committee (NEC) and a national working committee (NWC). Subsequently, each of the 36 states of Nigeria has a leadership as a chapter, and Kano state chapter is led by Abdul-rashid Magaji Rimin-gado as Chairman and 15 others as state Executive Committee(SEC). Under Kano state, there are 44 Local Government chapters led by a Coordinator and a team of 17 other Executive Committee members, as Coordinators (Who Also form the State working Committee together with SEC). Further down, there are 484 Wards and subdivisions of the Local Governments also headed by Ward Leaders and a committee of 17 others..

  • Kano Chapter Leadership

    The Kano Chapter has over the years entered into partnership with Federal, State(s), Local Governments, and agro-related companies and NGO's to provide innovative support for improvement in farming activities /system; with these we were able to ease the cost of production for farmers which translate to low cost of food items to the consumers. We sensitized our members in best - house - practices (farming methods) through workshops, seminars, conferences and its likes, and access grants, subsidy(ies) from Government, NGOs, and agro - companies for our members..


    Is the umbrella organization and platform for all Agricultural associations and other stakeholders in Agriculture. This include crop/livestock producers, processors, marketers, researchers and other service providers in the sector..

  • Board of Directors

    The Association Administrators

  • Resources Download

    Farmers Resources Download
    You can find some important files concerning farming of different categories of crops

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